Service / Maintenance



        Our company is certified to perform repairs to inboard and outboard engines, both inside or outside warranty period.

            inboard - VOLVO Penta, Yamaha

            outboard - Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu

        We offer engine mounting servicies, outboard or inboard, both on the recreational boats and yacht, speedboats and for the larger category of ships, displacement ships, while ensuring professional and technical consultancy to configure each application separately to purchase of new engines.

        Among the services offered by our service can remember:
- computer diagnostic Volvo Penta inboard engines
- current maintenance services inboard and outboard engines (oil change, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, drive belts)
- inboard engine preparation for put on service or for winter season
- treatment for cleaning injectors
- commissioning and grind for boat engines
- periodic review inside and outside warranty period
- current and capital repairs for boats engines
- propeller reconditioning services, inboard or outboard, both aluminum or stainless steel.

        Also by direct dealer network we provide our clients a substantial stock of spare parts, pre-assembled parts and consumables, all original (2-stroke or 4 stroke engine oil, diesel or gasoline, oil for reversing gear boxes or sterndrive, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, transmission or distributions belts, spark plugs, injectors, sensors, engine and navigation instruments, coupling and throttle cables, engine control boxes, water pump rotors, aluminum or stainless steel propeller, etc).
        As well can we provide on demand any original spare parts available on the international dealer network.



        About pleasure yachts and recreational boats repair we can say that we can install mechanical or hydraulic steering systems, engine control systems for inboard or outboard engines, both mechanical and electro-mechanical, install miscellaneous equipment and accessories, like as: air conditioning, power generators, inverters, hydrofores water pumps, macerator pumps, bilge pumps, navigation lights, indicators and dashboards, fuel tanks, aeration and ventilation for engine compartment, electric anchor winches, etc.

        Through our partner HYDROTECH - direct importer of marine accessories - we can provide (from stock or on order) a wide range of accessories for recreational boats and boat engines, providing so a complete package of services.
        It also can build or replace polycarbonate windscreens, repair or production of railings, various metallic, aluminum or stainless steel, furniture replacement, vessel body (hull) repairs for pleasure boats, either aluminum, iron or composite materials.

        The fact that most of the our clients still remained with us since the beginning strengthens marketing concept according to which "a satisfied customer comes back and brings with him 1-2 new clients, while one unhappy customer will leave with 5-6 still after him."
        Respect and the seriousness with which he was treated every client has made, during time, our client portfolio to grow substantially which shows our recognition as professionals.